Tool Builders for Life – Jaimee Newberry

After working in the Web Interaction Design & Development industry from 1998-2013 then hitting a deep, dark “burnout”, Jaimee realized she had accumulated a lot of tools for building great products, and decided to run an experiment on herself.

In this talk, Jaimee will share how being a tool builder by trade equipped her with the tools and skills she needed to rebuild her life and go on to co-found a company doing the most fulfilling work of her life. 

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Jaimee Newberry

Jaimee worked in web + mobile design and development from 1998-2013 with emphasis on empathetic and behavioral psychology-applied interface design for web, mobile web, and iOS applications. Currently, Jaimee is the co-founder and CEO Picture This Clothing which started as a passion project launched by a single Tweet from her personal Twitter account the morning of March 17, 2016, had a TechCrunch write-up by the end of the same day, and a viral burst immediately following. 

Jaimee has also served as a board of directors member, as an advisor, and as an executive coach for banking, tech, telecom, and application development & design firms. Across her career, she's worked with high profile companies like Apple, Disney, Nintendo, Zappos and many more.

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